We Stand With God

Pro-Family Rally

Being led of the Lord to reach the nation for righteousness sake by bringing attention to Biblical marriage and religious liberties, We Stand With God, was birthed. The present deluge of immorality and lawlessness which has taken the nation by storm must be addressed. The only way to stem the tide of this downward spiral is by combatting it with righteousness. The intent of WSWG is to rally citizens in public gatherings nationwide. These gatherings will draw national attention to the civil unrest that is growing in the hearts of this nation’s citizens who love God and His Word. It is the desire of WSWG to coordinate meetings in each state so that the voice of the people may be heard. Elected officials must be taken to task regarding their responsibility to recognize the voice of the people in each individual state. States’ rights have been trampled upon and the time for change has come.

WSWG is not an ecumenical movement but rather an outlet for citizens to express their conscience on matters of morality, Biblical marriage and religious liberties. WSWG is not asking anyone to compromise their doctrinal beliefs but rather, WSWG believes that citizens must stand unified in the spirit of our Founders who chose the Bible as the litmus test for law and personal rights. Therefore, WSWG will exalt the Bible as its final authority for faith and practice. Finally, WSWG will coordinate with public officials so that the voice of the people may be heard.

We Stand With God Rally Meeting at New Hampshire State Capitol, Concord NH

For More Information Contact Pastor Chamberland (603) 223-7302

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Acts 5:29
Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said,
We ought to obey God rather than men.

Interview with Event Organizers

Listen to the provided audio to hear an interview with two of the event organizers.

Pastor Ron Baity’s Closing Sermon

Listen to the provided audio to hear an Pastor Ron Baity’s closing sermon at the SC Rally

Choosing God Over Government

Listen to the provided audio to hear an Bro. Chad Watson preach a message of  “Choosing God Over Government”